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  1. thingperson Oct 13, 2017

    Whoot Whoot We just added a butt load of new members today that makes me so happy.

    Thank you all for joining us and I hope you like it here and you find plenty of friends who you have the same love of Kira and Cagalli relationship in common

    Sincerely, Thingperson aka Elizabeth

  2. fitarol15 Sep 01, 2014

    Kira And Cagalli R My Fav In MS Gundam SEED..I Enjoyed Every Episode Of those two...

  3. cagakiraasu Jan 23, 2011

    Along with being a cagalli and asucaga fan, I also happen to be a kiracaga fan too! in fact, I'm a kiracagaasu fan, lol! Iove those three so much, especially cagalli! Kira and cagalli r my #1 favorite anime twins ever! :)


    merged: 07-07-2011 ~ 10:56pm
    Vote for AthrunxCagalli: To all AthrunxCagalli fans, come together and vote for AthrunxCagalli on this official Gundam website! :heart:

    When you visit this website---> , you'd see a question on the left side of the page under 'VOTING'! To vote for AthrunxCagalli (????????in Japanese), click on the little circle in front of the 7th name...& you can vote for them once per day! :heart:

    Here's the question: Jul 7 is Qixi, to you who are the most representative couple that signify love that got separated but reunite? ;) :heart:


    Oh and you can also join the new AsuCaga fanclub on DA (deviantart)---> if you have an account there! :)

  4. ennostiel Feb 20, 2010

    how are you?
    It's a long time ^^

  5. thingperson Oct 13, 2009

    Hey there everyone sorry i was away so long, i have had school and moving and health issues i have had to take care of but things are getting better and so ill be able to be back to a full time active member now...yay..As soon as i learned the new codes i will redo the colors of this page. Im so happy to be back to be able to be full time member now..*hugs*. Thanks to everyone for understanding..*hugs*.

    merged: 11-04-2009 ~ 12:28am
    Hey everyone I wanted to welcome the new members i updated I hope everyone likes it here and thank you for joining us..*smiles*.

    merged: 12-02-2009 ~ 09:39am
    Hey everyone I wanted to welcome our newest members Freestrike2 and ShroomX thank you for joining and i hope you like it here..*smiles*.

    Also I wanted to tell everyone im making a new layout for this group that i hope everyone likes..*smiles*.

    Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day and have fun..*hugs*.

  6. JuliaMotoko May 26, 2009

    Hello! :)

    I just wanted to say hi to all that are here!

  7. ennostiel Mar 06, 2009

    it's a long time. i came back on MT ;-)
    sorry for my long absence, but bussy with my work :s
    kiss you

  8. meanpunk7777 Nov 01, 2008

    pretty blue snading every where with a hit ,splash of white

  9. thingperson Oct 31, 2008

    Hey everyone sorry i havent updated ive been busy with school and my computer was messed up but im back and ill update as soon as possible *hugs*.


  10. MiMi Oct 08, 2008

    oh man sure gumdam seed has VERY THINGS IN COMMON with Code Geass
    Kira best friends with Athrun = Susaku best friends with Lelouch. .
    KiraxLacus=SusakuxEuphie (see the hair simmilitudes? lacus = euphie = pink hair?)
    but yeah, this group has pushed me in to watch gumdam seed more
    thanks guys!

  11. cherryblossomhikari Sep 14, 2008

    you people have really put wonderfull pics and the chibi made by JCzala is so cute

  12. Dumang31 Jul 24, 2008

    some vry interesting stuff at this site

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  13. ennostiel Jul 20, 2008

    @JCzala: verry sweet and cute

  14. JCzala May 28, 2008

    My Newest Wall: Lovely Items

  15. hikariflowers May 25, 2008

    Happy B-lated birthday to the twins :D And goodness, Yenesis, did you draw those?

  16. JCzala May 19, 2008

    My Newest Wall: Angels of Destiny

    Belated happy birthday to the twins, Cagalli-sama and Kira-sama! I can't believe my neighborhood had blackout on their birthday. I wasn't able to go online. Wah! Oh, well, enjoy the wallpaper.

  17. HotaruZala May 18, 2008

    Happy Birthday Kira and Cagalli!^^ I can't believe it's already our favorite twins's birthday already! lol

  18. YENESIS May 17, 2008

    !Happy Birthday! X-P

    *** The TWINS: KIRA & CAGALLI**** ;)

    The Party! :)

  19. JCzala May 06, 2008

    My Newest Wall: Colorful World of Chibis

  20. ennostiel May 05, 2008

    @ JCzala: very cute picture ^^

  21. JCzala Apr 15, 2008

    My Newest Wall: Cutie in Pink

    merged: 04-20-2008 ~ 09:33am
    My Newest Wall: My Fallen Knight

  22. ennostiel Jan 17, 2008

    ok It's a long time -_-" Hello everyone. How are you?

    merged: 02-03-2008 ~ 11:41pm
    well second chapter of my true love (kiraxcagalli fic) is online:

    (author : me ;))

    merged: 02-03-2008 ~ 11:41pm
    well second chapter of my true love (kiraxcagalli fic) is online:

    (author : me ;))

  23. athrein Dec 23, 2007

    merrry christmas

  24. thingperson Dec 17, 2007

    Hey everyone i JUST GOT MY COMPUTER FIXED YAY and now im back to update oh i missed ya so much..*smiles*.

    thank you all for keeping active while my computer was broken..*smiles*.

    I also wanted to welcome our newest member KriisEH i hope you like it here and have fun..*smiles*.

    well i hope you have a wonderful day and have fun..*smiles*.

    From your forever loving all of you Administrator, thingperson..aka..Cagalli

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